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In 1986, my journey began with house construction for Goede Brothers in Brakpan,

following my departure as a Cost Accountant in Mandini, Zululand, Natal. I subsequently built homes for Shachat in Pretoria and at the airforce base in Braambos, Louis Trichardt.

In 1990, I initiated work on Boksburg Prison with Stocks & Stocks, later focusing on

Hammanskraal's brickwork for The Carousel. This led to projects at Lost City and Sun City,

followed by mine houses in Pietersburg for Goldstein Housing.

My path extended to significant landmarks, including Linmed Hospital and Kokanje Hotel in Benoni.

Over the years, my focus shifted to predominantly townhouses, collaborating with Van Acht,

Goldstein Housing, and Stocks Housing.

For around 7 years, I built luxurious homes for Frederico de Gregorio of Kwandisa Construction,

alongside renowned architect Aurelio Cimato of Cimato Moroldo Architects. A notable privilege was constructing Aurelio's own residence.

I contributed to Steyn City's primary school, leading to projects like the pre-school and Aquatic Centre. Later ventures involved flats in Steyn City, including the substantial City Centre brickwork contract.

Years later, I participated in projects like flats in Brooklyn and Midrand. I also played a role in constructing the final 2000 houses in Cosmo City, where we are currently engaged in nine blocks of four-storey flats.

My expertise lies in labor-intensive brickwork, plastering, and rib and block concrete slabs.

Furthermore, I've undertaken personal endeavors, including constructing my own houses and

a restaurant in Gansbaai, Western Cape

My marriage to Louise since 1979 stands strong, with two exceptional children—Lelani and Stephan—

and four lovely grandchildren. My son joins me on construction sites,

and my daughter thrives as an estate agent.

Word-of-mouth, fueled my success. Consistent projects kept us engaged, earning praise for

quality and commitment.

Guided by nurturing potential, I train and empower. My main foreman's journey—from

laborer in 1988 to skilled leader—showcases growth.

My story reflects resilience, family values, and dedication to craft, shaped by years of hard work

and belief in growth.

Image by Scott Blake

Welcome to our Expertise

Labor-Driven Brickwork, Plastering, and Rib & Block Slabs

At our core, we specialize in the meticulous crafts of labor-only brickwork, plaster application, and

precision rib & block slab installations.

For the construction of a standard double-story house, our comprehensive services encompass the following steps:

Image by Scott Blake

Precise Foundation Setup


We initiate by establishing accurate foundation layout from surveyor pegs.


Trench Excavation

Thorough excavation of trenches is executed with precision.

Reinforcing Steel

Steel Fixing and Placement


Our skilled team meticulously positions and secures steel reinforcements.


Concrete Placement

With attention to detail, we pour and place concrete within the trenches.


Plinth Brickwork

We adeptly lay bricks to create sturdy plinths.


Backfill and Compaction

Our process includes filling and compacting backfill material.

Laying Bricks


Surface Bed Completion

To ensure lasting strength, we introduce reinforcing mesh and apply concrete to surface beds.

Image by Sven Mieke

Continuing with our seamless workflow, we continue to construct the ground floor brickwork up to the first-floor level. The installation of lintels and block slabs follows, with precise concrete placement. The building structure is finalized through meticulous first-floor brickwork. Upon roofing truss installation, we progress to complete the brickwork phase by executing beam filling and window sill installations.


Our expertise extends beyond brickwork to encompass plastering services, including optional Rhinoliting.

Furthermore, our capabilities embrace the construction of retaining walls, screen walls, and boundary walls, further showcasing our dedication to comprehensive construction solutions.

Experience craftsmanship at its finest with us — a commitment to quality, precision, and excellence.

Our Quality Guarantee

At Boshoff Builders, we take pride in the quality of our work and ensure that every project meets our high standards.

We will work tirelessly to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the end result.

Ready to turn your construction dreams into reality? Contact us today to schedule a consultation
for your project.

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